• Image of Custom Portrait Gift Voucher

This Gift Voucher entitles the recipient to 1 custom illustrated portrait. Choose the desired amount of family members below and then please email Erin with the full name of the voucher recipient. The voucher is to be redeemed within 12 months and will be subject to waiting list availability.

The FULL prices for A4 portrait illustrations for JANUARY - JUNE 2017 are as follows:

[A4 size] 2 Family Members: $165
+ $25 per additional family member, including pets.

For example:
2 x parents ($165.00) + 1 child ($25) + 1 pet ($25) = $215.00

[A3 size] $265.00 (inc. 2 x family members) +$25 per additional family member.

This price includes a simple style background as pictured. Highly detailed backgrounds will incur additional costs.


This deposit is non-refundable for a change of mind so please be certain before making your purchase to ensure no future disappointment.