• Image of MARCH 2019 - Waiting List Deposit
  • Image of MARCH 2019 - Waiting List Deposit
  • Image of MARCH 2019 - Waiting List Deposit

An illustrated family portrait is the perfect way to capture all of the uniqueness your family holds. This is a truly bespoke artwork which is designed by Erin using images and descriptions of your precious family. The best part about it is that there is no stress trying to get everyone to smile and pose, or look at the camera at the same time. Erin creates the perfect composition so that everyone in the portrait looks their best.

To reserve a position in MARCH 2019 simply purchase this listing and complete part-payment for the illustration.


This is a DEPOSIT to guarantee you a place in March for Erin to complete your beautiful family portrait. Full payment will be required before the beginning of March. You will receive an email reminder with directions on how to finalise payment for your order during February 2019.


The FULL prices for A4 portrait illustrations for JANUARY 2019 - APRIL 2019 are as follows:

[A4 size] 2 Family Members: $195
+ $30 per additional family member, including pets.

For example:
2 x parents ($195.00) + 1 child ($30) + 1 pet ($30) = $255.00

[A3 size] $295.00 (inc. 2 x family members) +$30 per additional family member.

This price includes a simple style background as pictured. Highly detailed backgrounds will incur additional costs.


This deposit is non-refundable for a change of mind so please be certain before making your purchase to ensure no future disappointment.