So you have decided it's finally time to have a custom family portrait illustration by Erin! Please read on for some highly important information to note:  


These are the most important reference materials that Erin will use when creating a design for you. Please gather up to 5 photographs (in total), which include the people for your portrait. You do not need to provide a group family photo to be copied exactly – your portrait will be pieced together with a layout based on a variety of pictures of faces and the descriptions below. 

If you have a public Instagram profile, you may wish to include your name (e.g @ohbabybird) for Erin to have a look and get a feel for your family in more detail.


Please delete these subheadings and copy and paste the following information into the body of an email for each person in your portrait:

  1. Name & Age (age mostly needed for children)
  2. Eye / Hair colour
  3. Approximate height (photos are a great help with this detail)
  4. Favourite colours
  5. Preferred outfit
  6. Identifying features to include or leave out
  7. 7. Familiar objects to hold 

    It is also helpful to include ideas for a preferred background, which will guide Erin in designing your portrait. This is most commonly a background colour, grass, sand or simple gardens for the family to be standing in. Please note that highly detailed background, such as your home or a selection of personal family details, may incur additional costs.


    Please gather all photographs and information and send to Erin in one single email. Important details are easily overlooked when photographs and information are spread between a series of documents and emails. When it is time to paint your portrait, looking through a variety of emails for particular piece of information can also be time consuming. Thanks in advance for your assistance with this!