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  • Image of Priority Orders
  • Image of Priority Orders

If you would like a Custom Illustrated Portrait in a hurry, then you can skip the usual waiting time associated with reservations and purchase a Priority Order instead! Your portrait will be completed within 2 weeks of receiving all photographs and information.

Once you have made your purchase, simply cut and paste the information below into the body of an email, and attach a maximum of 5 photographs which accurately represent the family members included in your portrait.

1. Name & Age (age mostly needed for children)
2. Eye / Hair colour
3. Approximate height (photos are a great help with this detail)
4. Favourite colours
5. Preferred outfit
6. Identifying features to include or leave out
7. Familiar objects to hold
8. Preferred background

Please forward all information and photographs to ohbabybird[at]outlook.com.

You will receive a confirmation of your priority order, and a rough sketch of your design for your approval, before your illustration is created. To ensure the above timelines are honoured, please be sure to check your emails regularly for correspondance from Erin, to ensure the 2 week turnaround time is met.